Elena Morali, bad episode on vacation: everyone worried about her condition

Moments of great fear for Elena Morali, on vacation in Thailand with her boyfriend Luigi Fabulous: she told everything to worried fans.

Like many well-known faces on TV and the web, even the former Pupa Elena Morali she is spending her holidays on heavenly beaches in the company of her boyfriend. She is Luigi Mario Fabulous they are in fact found in the marvelous Thailand and, with the social updates published, they are making all their followers dream.

Elena Morali, difficult time on vacation (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

At one point, however, a rather alarming unscheduled event occurred that risked ruining the couple’s trip. In a panic over what was happening, the two announced that they had to get away from social media for a while due to a health problem in Elena.

The 32-year-old blonde from Bergamo has begun to warn of gods very strange symptoms that made her fear she had contracted monkeypox. A lot of tiredness and bubbles scattered all over the body, as shown by Fabulous in some Instagram stories: “There will be about 60 all over the body, there is no pus but something like water,” he explained.

Obviously, Morali wanted to see clearly and therefore underwent tests to find out what she was affected by: “I’m waiting for the results of some tests done last night, I’m afraid it’s monkeypox and it scares me above all because I’m so far from home ”, explained the former Pupa. Finally, after a few hours, the truth about her condition arrived.

Elena Morali, unexpected shock on vacation: what actually happened to her

Unfortunately, sometimes even a moment of relaxation and lightheartedness such as an exotic vacation can reserve misadventures that are not a little alarming. Especially in light of all the bad news that in this period seems to never end. For Morali, in fact, not knowing what was happening to her was a cause of great tension, as you can imagine.

Finally the results of the investigations arrived, all doubts were dispelled and it was known with certainty what the true conditions of the showgirl were. Meanwhile, in the previous hours, both her and her boyfriend had received many messages from worried fans. Thanks to the analyzes performed, it was possible to breathe a sigh of relief: Elena Morali was not affected by monkeypox.

She revealed it herself through social media: “Then it seems correct to update you: negative for monkeypox. She seems to have come into contact with a very dangerous plant called Ailanto, also known as the Tree of Heaven ”. She then added that she is slowly recovering her energy and that her blisters have turned into a rash that causes an annoying itch.

Elena Morali on vacation
Elena Morali, moments of fear on vacation (Credits: Instagram)

Fortunately, everything under control: are you following the magnificent stages of Luigi and Elena’s journey on Instagram?