Eleonora Abbagnato, check a photo of the past: 27 years have passed, you will be amazed

Eleonora Abbagnato, check out a photo of the past: 27 years have passed since then, you will be amazed!

The beautiful Eleonora Abbagnato surprises by posting on his profile Instagram a shot of many years ago. It was already beautiful then, but seeing it will leave you speechless.

Eleonora Abbagnato: check a photo of the past, you will be amazed! (Source Instagram)

Eleonora Abbagnato is one of the most famous and talented dancers in our country. He has achieved international fame and very important work successes. Since 2015 he has directed the ballet company of Rome Opera House. She made her debut as a child and her passion for dance has never abandoned her. Even now, at the age of 43, the dancer performs well in theatrical performances, ballets and even television. His profile Instagram, which has 116,000 followers, is full of love for dance. Abbagnato publishes photos of herself while dancing, of her other colleagues and sometimes small glimpses of her private life. There is also a photo of 27 years ago that leaves everyone speechless.

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Eleonora Abbagnato: check a photo of the past

The elegant dancer likes to remember even the most distant times, when she performed in the most prestigious stages in Europe, and was just a young girl. Eleonora Abbagnato surprises the public post an old photo of her dating back to 1994, where you can see a very young Eleonora posing and smiling, with a dance costume. The truly amazing thing is that it doesn’t seem like a day has gone by!

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Eleonora Abbagnato checks a photo
Source Instagram

In this photo she was 23 and the dancer has changed very little. Her beauty secret will surely be the constant exercise and dedication she puts into her work. The photo is accompanied by the description “École de danse de Opera de Paris. We leave again for the last goal, after so many years and so many sacrifices “. A blast from the past for the dancer, who has not forgotten her love for Paris and for everything she has given him professionally and artistically. Abbagnato also had satisfaction with her private life, in fact she had two children Julia And Gabriel, with her husband and former footballer Federico Balzaretti.

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Have you seen this incredible shot of Eleonora Abbagnato? It hasn’t changed at all.