Eleonora Giorgi and pancreatic cancer: “Never ignore the first signs”

Eleonora Giorgi would like to meet Fedez. The actress, 70 years old, received like the rapper a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and would like to share the experience of the illness with him. At the end of October Giorgi discovered by chance and “with disbelief” that he had an adenocarcinoma, revealed by a CT scan in the form of small jagged nodules. A year and a half ago Fedez, who received the support of another person who faced the same disease, Gianluca Vialli, instead underwent surgery to remove a rare neuroendocrine tumor, which was followed by fear at every check-up, depression and psychotropic drugs. “I know he talked about depression. Like an aunt I would like to meet him to smile at him and make him feel the serenity that I have inside. I would like to remind him that he has built a wonderful family and a great career,” she said in an interview with The Corriere della Sera the actress, who will start this week the chemotherapy cycle at Humanitas in Milan. There is a lot of fear, but “I decided to fight with determination”.


Giorgi had had symptoms, but “I should have looked into it further”, because “finding it out in time is decisive”. The actress wants to send a double message, “do not ignore any signal” And “give courage to those who fight like me, there are also many young people and this saddens me. It will also help me not to get discouraged: I will lose my hair, my eyebrows, but those moments will give me the excuse to put on makeup, wear a black turban or a fluffy wig. Feeling alive.”