Elettra and Ginevra Lamborghini: what really happened between the two sisters

Elettra and Ginevra Lamborghini: what really happened between the two sisters, who have not had a relationship for several years.

Geneva Lamborghini she is one of the competitors of GF Vip 7. And she is also one of those who, in a few days, have already become protagonists of the house. Extroverted, volcanic but also very fragile, the competitor is marked by a delicate and painful family affair.

Elettra and Ginevra (Credits Instagram / Mediaset Play)

For several years, in fact, Ginevra has no longer had relations with her younger sister, the famous star of music and social media Elettra Lamborghini. In the house, the competitor spoke several times about the difficult relationship with her sister, which is why she was warned by Elettra. A break between sisters that makes Geneva suffer, who hopes for a reunion, but, according to what the Vippo reveals, Elettra has raised a wall. Many wonder why Did the two Lamborghini sisters have a fight?

Because Elettra and Ginevra Lamborghini no longer speak

Elettra Lamborghini and Ginevra Lamborghini have no longer had any relationship since 2019. This was revealed by Ginevra, who explained to the GF Vip that she had not seen or heard her younger sister for years. About her Sister of hers who, according to what Geneva revealed, blocked her on social networks and on her mobile phone, as well as not wanting to meet her even for the Christmas holidays. But what is the reason for such a clear break?

In the house, Geneva did not give a clear answer to the question, reiterating several times of not knowing the real reason of the end of relations with Elettra. Ginevra admitted that, in the past, there have been small problems between sisters, but never a real quarrel. What happened? At the moment, the real reasons for the break have not been disclosed, also because Electra has not uttered a word on the subject, continuing with her life. During yesterday’s live broadcast, however, something happened that did not go unnoticed by the watchful eyes of the web.

On Twitter, in fact, Elettra put “like” to a comment that read: “In my opinion Electra for being so angry with her sister is because something has done”. Words that Elettra liked, confirming the user’s theory. What, then, would Geneva do? Everything is still top secret, but what is certain is that the Vippo is ready to clarify with her sister, reiterating that her door is always open. “I may have done something, I don’t have a halo. But at this point tell me and let’s talk “, Geneva declared during yesterday’s episode of GF Vip.

electra geneva lamborghini
Ginevra Lamborghini (Credits Mediaset Play)

Will Elettra give in and accept the dialogue with her older sister or is the break between the two definitive? We just have to wait for any developments.