Elettra Lamborghini, bad misadventure at home: gruesome tale

Bad misadventure at home for Elettra Lamborghini, gruesome story on social media: these are the words of the singer

The wealthy heiress wanted to share an unhappy experience with her followers. The singer told what happened in these days and her words have literally blown away the fans. The story, in fact, is by no means light.

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Elettra Lamborghini, gruesome story on social media: what he said (Source: Instagram)

Misadventure for Elettra Lamborghini: his story

Elettra Lamborghini is the granddaughter of Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of the car company of the same name. She is also one of the most loved and followed singers in our country. He achieved notoriety thanks to the single “Pem Pem“, Which quickly became one hit world famous. The first Lamborghini album, “Tweerking Queen“, Has had some success in our country. In 2020 he participated for the first time in the Sanremo Festival with the song Music (and the rest disappears).

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electra lamborghini inconsolable

In addition to being a singer, Lamborghini is also a television personality. He has participated in some reality shows shot in other countries, such as Geordie Shore, while in Italy she was a columnist of the Island of Famous and coach of The Voice of Italy.
Elettra has built her fame especially on social media, where she is very popular. On Instagram, with nearly 7 million followers, she is one of the most followed Italian singers. Her photo and yours stories they always reach thousands of interactions.

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Right on the popular social network, the well-known singer told of having witnessed a truly disgusting scene. His words blew the fans away. In fact, no one would have expected such a story.

Lamborghini said he found the house full of the excrement of his dog, Lea. Being very small, the dog cannot be alone, because, in this case, she fills the house with excrement, as happened just this time.

On social media, the well-known singer said: “When I come back I can’t even get in the door because I find shit everywhere “. The dog even stepped on the feces, carrying them all over the house. Lamborghini immediately tried to wash the house, but then realized that it had to call for reinforcements.