Elettra Lamborghini is like this now, but have you ever seen it as a young girl? Years have passed

Elettra Lamborghini is like this now, but have you ever seen it as a young girl? It’s been years but it’s still fabulous!

Elettra Lamborghini he is an eccentric and beloved character on the Italian scene. His career began with reality shows shot all over the world and ended up singing his hits in front of thousands of people.

Did you see Elettra Lamborghini as she was as a girl? (Source Instagram)

Elettra Lamborghinidespite coming from a very important and famous family, she remains a humble girl with sound principles. One of the qualities that characterize it is certainly its cheerfulness and spontaneity. Although she is exposed every day, since she was a child, to the world of media and entertainment, Elettra remains completely herself, in all her healthy madness. He loves to keep in touch with his fans and tell them about his adventures, but also the details of his childhood and adolescence. Just a few days ago, she answered some questions from her fans, posting the answers accompanied by old photos of her. The teenage Electra is truly incredible, have you ever seen it?

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Elettra Lamborghini as a young girl: have you seen how it is?

When he was around 17, Elettra Lamborghini she was already beautiful, with her gorgeous big blue eyes and her contagious smile. The slight differences are noticeable only in the face, still slightly boyish. Elettra wore her hair naturally, long, wavy and with shades of gold here and there. Even in terms of its style, the Lamborghini was not as eccentric and colorful as it is now.

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Elettra Lamborghini as a young girl
Source Instagram

Now that she is an internationally renowned singer, her entire look is much more studied in every single detail. Elettra also has a great passion, that of piercings on the whole body. The young woman is a much admired figure, especially by the female audience, as she always shows herself for what she is and spontaneously. Many will wonder if Elettra Lamborghini has undergone any plastic surgery. Yes, one to enlarge the breasts, but otherwise the beautiful Lamborghini is 100% natural.

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You saw what it was like Elettra Lamborghini as a girl? Gorgeous just like today!