Elettra Lamborghini publishes ‘Elettraton’: “I want to infuse positive vibes”

The album with reggaeton and Latin rhythms is out on Friday 2 June. The singer collaborates with the Italian rapper Villabanks and the Spanish star Chema Rivas

‘Elettraton’ is released on Friday 2 June for Island Records/Universal Music Italia, the second album by Elettra Lamborghini, on all digital and traditional stores. The first single extracted is ‘Mani in alto’, on radio programming from 2 June. The ten tracks that make up the album include the Christmas song ‘At midnight’ and unreleased songs written and produced by big names in Italian and international music such as Villabanks, Shablo, Davide Petrella, Giordano Cremona, Riccardo Scirè, Jacopo Ettorre, the Spanish star Chema Rivas. The instore tour will start immediately on June 2nd to present the album and sign the copies. Once concluded, there will be the summer one around Italy of which there are already confirmed dates.

Reggaeton and ‘positive vibes’ are the central inspirations of the new album. “A bitter taste has remained in my mouth since the Covid period in which I had to cancel the concerts – explains Elettra – So I want to mark a period of rebirth. I would like to make people who listen to my album smile, infuse them with the desire to party and a good dose of positivity”. Elettra followed the processing step by step in the choice of bases, productions, writing of texts, photos and graphics. The album mirrors her world of lightheartedness and cheerfulness that appeals to a diverse audience.

Always in love with reggaeton, her album is a real declaration of love for this genre that builds a bridge between Milan, Madrid and Miami, the city of choice of the artist in which it was conceived. “The thing I like about reggaeton is that it immediately makes me fly into a summer atmosphere, since it is a genre that was born in a warm climate – he refers – It gives me so much joy, it makes me want to dance which I associate with party, fun and feel good about yourself.” Since she was a child she is fascinated by the twerking that she danced in her room and reggaeton she met in her travels in Mexico and Spain. She confesses that among the reggaetoners she would have liked to collaborate with Daddy Yankee, author of the worldwide success ‘Gasolina’ (2004), “but you have retired from music and I can no longer hope for a featuring with him”.

Elettra exchanges lots of advice on music with her husband Afrojack, DJ and producer, who doesn’t listen to much reggaeton according to the artist and produces electronics. In the collaborations she chose the Italian rapper Villabanks for the song ‘Teta’ because she is going very strong in this period, “I’m sure he will be in the next few years too and he is super talented”. The Spanish singer Chema Rivas fell in love with the song proposed by Elettra for the featuring, ‘Un secondo fa’. “I needed a particular voice that I couldn’t find and I thought hers looked great on a piece like this because it’s out of the ordinary.”

As per tradition, many songs are in Spanish, a language Elettra loves, and recall the countries where it is spoken from Spain to the United States to South America. “I play a lot of sexy but if someone really knows me I have very little sexy. In short, with my muzzle – he jokes about himself describing the contents of the Spanish pieces – I make this man understand that I am the queen who rocks everything, that I’m the coolest. The aim is to make the listener feel like me “.

Elettra, in addition to being involved in the ‘Only Fun – Comico Show’ program on Nove, will be one of the judges of ‘Italia’s Got Talent’ together with Khaby Lame, Mara Maionchi and Frank Matano. “I was good but not too much – she comments – I preferred giving a no with a smile with the intention of always improving, rather than giving a yes and then not taking it to the final. I don’t like to deceive people.”

Its Instore Tour, which will touch Italy from North to South, will start immediately on Saturday 2nd June at 6pm at Elnòs Shopping in Roncadelle (Brescia), and then continue on 3rd June at 4.30pm at the Euro Torri Shopping Center in Parma, June 5th at 6pm at Cc Piazza Paradiso in Collegno (Turin), June 6th at 5.30pm at Mondadori Piazza Duomo in Milan, June 7th at 4.30pm at Le Piramidi Shopping Center in Torri di Quartesolo (Vicenza), June 8th 6 pm at the OrioCenter of Orio al Serio (Bergamo), on 9 June at 5 pm at the Cc Centronova in Castenaso (Bologna), on 10 June at 4.30 pm at the Disco Laziale in Rome, on 11 June at 4.30 pm at the Cc Latinafiori of Latina, on 12 June at 17:30 at CC Campania in Marcianise (Caserta), on 13 June at 17 at CC Porte dello Jonio in Taranto, on 14 June at 17:30 at CC Maximall in Pontecagnano Faiano (Salerno), on 15 June at 4.30 pm at the Belvedere Commercial Park in Melilli (Syracuse).

The summer tour, produced and organized by Color Sound (for information: colorsound.com), has the following dates: 1 July at the Youth Festival of Sassuolo (Modena), 9 July in Piazza Capitaneria di Porto di Bellaria-Igea Marina (Rimini ), 13 July at the Merano Summer Festival in Merano, 22 July at Loc. Tanka and Idda in Orosei (Nuoro), 29 July at the Summer Festival in Ladispoli (Rome), 7 August at the Via Farina Park in Villacidro (South Sardinia), 14 August in Piazza Giglia in San Leone (Agrigento), 15 August in Piazza Regina Elena in Delianuova (Reggio Calabria), 17 August in Piazza Roma in Tottea (Teramo), 26 August in the Campo Sportivo in Pattada (Sassari), 10 September in Piazza Ruiu in Campanedda (Sassari).