Elex and his “Slow thoughts, fast thoughts” to tell life

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An explosion of inner thoughts and mental journeys, with texts that tell stories actually lived and others imagined, for a complete and sincere presentation of the artist and his way of reflecting and approaching life, feelings and dreams, without filters or deceptions. After singles Air and Stones, Elexborn in Rome in 2003, has announced the release of her debut EP Slow thoughts, fast thoughts (Piezzi Dischi/Universal Music Italy), arriving on Friday 13 January.

Built on thoughts and streams of consciousness that the artist normally carries out during his days, the EP represents a true open diary of Elex who finally presents himself to his listeners in a clearer and more complete way after giving them a first taste of himself with the publication of several singles. After careful personal and musical growth, she is now ready to lay bare with the new tracks of her first music collection, which tell of her experiences, her life, her imaginations and her mental journeys through an alternation of “slow thoughts and fast thoughts” (to quote Kahnemann’s essay), or rather more instinctive impulses and actions and more profound and rational reflections.

“In this ep –Elex says– I put all my contradictions into it, the desire to feel free, when in reality I’m a slave to my mind; the desire to escape, when in reality I love the people close to me very much. The ep dissects my most hidden thoughts and presents them in the form of verses, sometimes even a little cryptic. I wanted to write it because I think I’m not alone in sinking through the ups and downs of these mental ambushes, paranoia, tyrannical negative thoughts or whatever you want to call them, and I hope these songs will make someone feel a little less alone”.

The disc presents to the listener all facets of Elex, his thoughts, his paranoia and his contradictions, to call to himself all those people who feel like the artist and feel his own inner sensations of indecision, torment, negativity, but optimism and happiness at the same time. All the tracks are built around pop patterns in which the vocal melodies fit perfectly with the underlying productions, made by Celestopoly and Mark Ceiling with the contribution of Jacopo Antonini, Sibilo and Millet. The title of the disc takes up that of the essay by the psychologist Daniel Kahnemann Slow and fast thoughts which describes the functioning of the human brain when it is involved in decision-making processes.