Eli Roth directs a Valentine’s Day horror in virtual reality

Be Mine: A VR Valentine’s Slasher will be available for Valentine’s Day on Meta Quest headsets

Eli Roth, famed slasher filmmaker and author of Hostel, will release his new virtual reality horror, Be Mine: A VR Valentine’s Slasher, on Meta Quest TV. Written by Roth, directed by Adam MacDonald, produced by Crypt TV and Roth in association with Cream Productions, and starring Peyton List (Cobra Kai), Inanna Sarkis (After 2) and Alanna Ubach (Euphoria), this immersive VR experience of 30 minutes long, 180 and 360 degrees, follows Becca, a girl stalked by a maniac in a Cupid mask, as she finds herself at the center of a frightening Valentine’s Day nightmare. It is not Roth’s first film in VR, but the second: the director has in fact already released a short film dedicated to Halloween for Meta viewers.

“I had an incredible experience making with Meta Trick-VR-Treat, and with Be Mine we wanted to take the experience even further, creating a real narrative adventure where you are at the center of a slasher film” says Eli Roth. “I wrote Be Mine knowing what worked best in VR, but pushing the boundaries with new ideas and techniques, and the results are nothing short of exciting. We’ve created a truly immersive horror experience. I’ve been a huge Adam MacDonald fan for a long time time, and what he and the incredible cast have brought to life is something unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I think horror fans are absolutely going to love it. Get ready, it’s a bloody funny moment.”