Elisa announces the new single: info and release date

What important news were in the air, we had already guessed a handful of days ago, when the singer-songwriter from Trieste suddenly deleted her rich post feed on Instagram, publishing only one with her stylized name and in black and white “Elisa / Asile”(Perhaps a veiled reference to the 2001 album“ Asile’s World ”). Less than twenty-four hours ago, the confirmation: Elisa is ready to welcome a new single the next Wednesday 24 November. Here are all the rumors about it.

Elisa’s new single is coming

Elisa’s new single is already available for pre-save on Spotify, to be released next Wednesday 24 November, the arrival of which was announced yesterday by the singer from Monfalcone with a social post. A close-up in which he shows himself smiling in front of the mirror, most likely in a frame of the video that will accompany the song or in the cover of the project itself. The new single from Elisa doesn’t have a name yet, but an incipit of the melody that will accompany it was shared a few hours ago via Instagram Stories by the artist. Once again, the singer-songwriter of “Luce (Tramonti A Nord Est)” shows all her versatility, able to always experiment, ranging without difficulty even between very different musical genres: from early indie to successful pop, up to the new urban and electronic experiences alongside artists such as Mahmood.

Elisa’s projects and collaborations in 2021

Elisa’s new single, arriving next week, is likely to be a real starting point for a new era in the recording and musical career of the singer-songwriter from Monfalcone. A personal song that comes almost three years after the release of his latest album of unreleased “Open Diaries“(May 2019), a period however” filled “by Elisa with a rich parterre of projects and collaborations. In fact, the singer-songwriter appeared in Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari’s “Discover” where both are the protagonists of an intense and exciting duet on the notes of “Light (Sunsets North East)“, And then also take part in Mahmood’s successful album” Ghettolimpo “in the track”Rubies“. But it doesn’t end there, Elisa has once again proved that she is one of the most talented and beloved artists of the Italian scene, also participating as a live guest at the great concert of the Verona Arena for the 25-year career of the cantatessa Carmen Consoli. With her on stage also Manuel Agnelli, Samuele Bersani, Colapesce & Dimartino and many others. In the meantime, there are also numerous rumors about Elisa’s participation as BIG at the Sanremo 2022 Festival, paired with rapper and singer-songwriter Rkomi.