Elisa Claps, crowd at the Potenza procession. Mother’s pain: “30 years that I wouldn’t wish on anyone”

The demonstration in memory of the 16 year old, killed on 12 September 1993

Large crowd of students in Potenza for the ‘Tutti per Elisa’ procession in memory of Elisa Claps, the 16-year-old student killed 30 years ago, on 12 September 1993, whose body was found in 2010 in the attic of the church of the Holy Trinity. The procession is opened by two large banners on which the students have written ‘We apologize to mother Filomena’. Starting in via Zara, it will end right in front of the church of the Holy Trinity. Elisa’s mother, Mrs. Filomena Iemma, stopped at the Claps family home to wait for the students.

”After 30 years of sacrifice and pain, today seeing all these people for Elisa – he said in tears – is an honor for me. Ours has been a truly painful journey. There are no words to thank all of you, to thank those who were close to us and even those who were not close. My heart goes out to Elisa. I hope that what happened to us never happens to others. Thanks guys – she said to the participants – I would like to hug you all ”. There were strong moments of emotion. With the students, Elisa’s mother listened to her daughter’s favorite song, ‘Strada fare’ by Claudio Baglioni and then launched a balloon to reach Elisa ”wherever she is”. His brother Gildo Claps and the actors of the Rai drama ‘Per Elisa’ also joined the procession.