Elisa, concert in Verona: “Thanks to this audience, it will remain an unforgettable evening”

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An evening of deluge that Elise And Dardustwith the complicity of Georgia And Mahmood and a fantastic audience, they turned into a party. Only around 11.30 pm, when the second concert at the Arena di Verona was about to end, did Giove Pluvio grant a truce, perhaps because he was defeated, because no one gave up his seat and sang for two and a half hours with Elisa , at the end souped but moved: “You are fantastic, we will never forget an evening like this”, said the artist before taking leave of her people. They were all good at keeping the course in the storm, at the cost of sacrifices, first and foremost that of Dardust who, by his choice, decided to reduce his mid-concert set to one song. At 8 pm on a Sunday evening close to the summer solstice, while the Arena begins to fill up, that rain announced but which it was hoped to exorcise, began to annoy the audience, in an almost Rossinian crescendo that on the notes of “Dancing” , the first piece of the concert after the overture, has become a downpour. I followed a good part of the concert from behind the stage, thanks to the hospitality of the guys from Metatron, Dardust’s agency, and it was thrilling to see what has been renamed almost against the light “An Intimate Night”. But the part in the Arena, behind the mixer, in the rain was also crazy. A special round of applause for the other protagonists of the evening, those who work in the shadows but without whom live music would not exist, and for the extraordinary musicians: the guitars of Andrea Rigonat and the arches of Caterina Coco (first violin), Alessio Cavalazzi (violin), Matthew Lipari (viola), Valentina Sgarbossa (cello) e Simone Giorgini (contrabass).


It is difficult to tell of a concert that was louder than the sky, that made people dance and sing without stopping. I’ve seen people cry, embrace and kiss to the tune of songs such as “Promessimi”, “Labyrinth”, “Something that doesn’t exist” and “L’anima vola”. Elisa, dressed in red, a vestal on stage, a master of ceremonies of the soul. She sang and danced non-stop, even though she found herself more on a sandless shore than on a stage. She caught her breath for a moment when Dardust performed her her song and then she reappeared, pumped as never before, to carry on her her show. In the second part, “Ancora qui” and “Eppure senti (a sense of you) arrived immediately, which elicited yet another standing ovation. The finale was with “The Obstacles of the Heart” and “A Modo Tuo”. But before leaving she wanted to pay homage to “an artist with whom I had the privilege of collaborating” and she dedicated “The Best” to Tina Turner. The thanks, the tears of fatigue and joy, she on stage with all the musicians and the awareness that “thanks to such an audience… we will never forget this evening”.