Elisa Esposito and the ‘italics’: the girl’s statements displace everyone

She became a social media star in a few weeks: Elisa Esposito aka ‘the cursive teacher’ just surprised everyone, here’s what she said!

We only talk about her on TV and on the web: despite being only 19, Elisa Esposito has invented a character who is literally depopulating. For better or for worse, she was able to create a real ‘case’ around herself and, as with all mass phenomena, there is no shortage of controversies concerning her.

Elisa Esposito, star of TikTok (Credits: TikTok)

However, there are those who have not limited themselves to polemics, but have even gone so far as to insult and threaten her. Obviously, those who take her videos too seriously miss a detail: Elisa, with her content on TikTok, just wants to have fun and give a smile. She talked about it in an interview with Fanpage in which she reveals how her adventure on the web began.

Statements that perhaps many do not expect at all, but which serve to reduce a bit all the fuss raised against the irony of the girl who good-naturedly teases the way of speaking of many Milanese. “The cörsivœ is a spoken word and they invented it to make fun of the Milanese girls. Being from Milan, I also heard my friends talking like that so from there I started making these videos to make this “talk” known, she says.

Elisa Esposito tells how her adventure as a cursive teacher began

Like the most absurd and fun experiences in life, even for the brilliant 19-year-old it all started with a simple game. A month ago, together with her boyfriend, Elisa made a video in which she spoke “cörsivœ”, in fact.

In no time at all, the content was viewed by a whopping six million users! A truly unexpected success that made her a true icon. His most loyal fans for now are kids between 10 and 15 years old. About her Her parents are her first supporters, but as mentioned before her, there are also those who insult her for her character: “There are people who have wished me death and the worst diseases. The thing that makes me laugh is that the same people who insult me ​​then see me live and even ask me for photos ”, she reveals to Fanpage.

An adventure that at the moment cannot be predicted where it will take her, but Elisa has already prepared a plan B: “If one day everything were to end, I would like to open a beauty center considering that I finished my studies at the school for aesthetics”.

Elisa Esposito italics
Elisa Esposito displaces everyone, crazy! (Credits: TikTok)

And you have already seen the videos of the very nice “cursive teacher” on social media? What do you think? Do you think Elisa is a real phenomenon too?