Elisa Isoardi talks about her mother and reveals: “I apologized”

Elisa Isoardi spoke about her mother in an interview revealing: “I apologized”.

For several months there has been talk of Elisa Isoardi’s return to TV, after rumors and a lot of news about it, his presence has finally been confirmed. In fact, we will see her conducting a new program entitled I would like to tell you that. It is an on the road format, which will see her touring Italy in search of exciting stories to be able to tell.

Elisa Isoardi, mother (credits: youtube)

The start date of the program is 11 September on Rai 2. In recent days, before returning to the small screen, Elisa took advantage of the summer to spend a few days at the beach. There are many photos in which she is photographed in a bathing suit and she sports a perfect physical shape and a dazzling smile. Before her return to the small screen, the presenter gave an interview to Confidenze in which she talked about herself. He talked about his hiatus away from television. In this short time he has been meditating, has had the opportunity to look within and has reviewed his priorities.

This period she tells has served her a lot, she managed to be constructive and by stopping she saw new things. During the interview she also talked about her and her family and his mother, confessing that he apologized.

Elisa Isoardi talks about her mother: “I apologized”

Elisa Isoardi will be at the helm of the new program from 11 September I would like to tell you that. It is an on the road format, so we will see it around Italy in different places where to learn and tell new and emotional stories. The last year she was not very present on television, this distance represented a sort of pause for her.

In fact, to Confidenze, she told herself, explaining that this period away from the small screen was very useful because she had the opportunity to look inside and review her priorities. She was able to stop and see so new things that she had never discovered before, being in motion, engrossed by everything around. Elisa made the most of this period, and was able to identify true friends and reflect on her affections, she says. He talked about his family and revealed that he made peace with his mother: “The people left will always be there. For this I thank my family who have been very close to me“.

elisa isoardi mom
Elisa isoardi, mother (credits: youtube)

As he says, he talked to his brother, he cooked with his mom: “I apologized for a lot of things, especially for my absences “. In addition, she also said that she started playing tennis and discovered how beautiful and romantic it is to play at sunset on a court near a beach. She says that tennis has taken the place of the aperitif that is usually only allowed on Saturdays with friends. Now the presenter is ready to return to TV, after a period of pause: she will lead the program I would like to tell you that aired on Rai 2.