Elisabetta Canalis launches the summer trend: everyone will want the crossed swimsuit

Holidays are also an opportunity to show off super fashion looks by the sea: have you seen Elisabetta Canalis’ crossed swimsuit?

Like all Italian and foreign stars, too Elisabetta Canalis this summer she delighted us with her super trendy seaside looks. Next to blow out 44 candles, the former Velina di Strip the News she is still one of the most beautiful and seductive women in the world of entertainment and her social shots are the unequivocal proof of this.

Elisabetta Canalis, news of the summer (Credits: Instagram)

In addition to the amazing physical shape that has always distinguished it, invariably the details that it chooses carefully and with attention to the trends of the moment are also striking. In the various trips that Elisabetta has made in these months of vacation, between Mexico, Ibiza, Liguria, etc., we have seen her dictate the ‘law’ in terms of fashion. For example, when she wore the fantastic glittery bodysuit with which she got herself immortalized a few weeks ago; or when she showed off with orange nail polish, the perfect color for the summer!

Now that she is in her beloved Sardinia, precisely in Porto Cervo, the beautiful Canalis has decided to leave her followers speechless for the umpteenth time. How? Wearing a micro bikini which highlights his sculpted and forged abs from boxing, a sport to which he has been dedicating himself with passion and perseverance for four years now. Among other things, under the guidance of the former world champion Angelo Valente, just recently he obtained great satisfaction in this area by participating in the 12th edition of The Night of Kick and Punch. Returning to the costume, as some have already noticed, it is a very particular model. Let’s see why!

Elisabetta Canalis with the crossed swimsuit confirms herself as a fashion icon

As Valentina Ferragni also knows, who once had her photograph taken with a truly wonderful multicolor trikini, this year the rainbow costumes are very fashionable. Or in any case colorful, just like that of Elisabetta Canalis.

In fact, his two-piece has an electric blue base on which flowers and designs in shades of red, fuchsia and pink stand out. Also, have you noticed the very particular shape of the upper piece? It is not at all obvious, but super innovative: it is crossed and tied behind the neck, giving an innovative and super seductive style. Obviously, the ultra-low-waisted briefs with which the beautiful Canalis highlights could not be missing great abs that few can boast, especially after the ‘door’!

Note the combination with the ethnic sarong and the purple beach kimono with cream-colored decorations that make the seaside look of the former Velina super iconic and worthy of becoming a model to be copied.

Elisabetta Canalis crossed costume
Elisabetta Canalis fashion two pieces (Credits: Instagram)

We bet that once again everyone will imitate it?