Elisabetta Canalis shows everyone the nail polish: the new color has a neutral shade

Elisabetta Canalis shows everyone the enamel: she has chosen a color that represents a fairly neutral shade.

Elisabetta Canalis is always very busy, around the world. For some years she has not lived in Italy anymore but she has settled in Los Angeles together with her husband, the Italian-American surgeon Brian Perri and her daughter, Skyler Eva. Although she lives far away, she often returns ‘home’.

Elisabetta Canalis, enamel (credits: instagram)

In fact, Italy has seen it grow. When she began to take her first steps in show business, she was very young. She had started before her but her notoriety came strong when she was chosen to play the role of black tissue at Striscia la Notizia. After this experience, her career literally took off. You have ranged in different fields, working as host, co-host, columnist, juror. Over the years she has also given herself to acting, becoming part of films and TV series. As we said, she lives in Los Angeles, but she is often in the Italian peninsula.

She returns there because she has her affections, her friends and has many projects that bind her to our country. Recently, for example, she was a guest at an important event in Milan. For the occasion, she showed off a very elegant look. She wore a slightly gathered dress with a belt and added a bag that matched the color of her clothes, white. A few days earlier the showgirl had instead shown her manicure, in instagram stories. Stories that, given the large following, did not go unnoticed.

Elisabetta Canalis, have you seen the showgirl’s nail polish? She chose a fairly neutral shade

On social media she is followed by millions of people, Elisabetta has come a long way since she made her debut in the world of entertainment. She today she is very much loved. She lives far from Italy but often returns there to spend the holidays, to see her loved ones and her friends again.

Of course it is also linked from a professional point of view. There are many projects that bring her back to her ‘home’. She many times she shows everything on social media, from the shooting in which she is the protagonist to the different commitments. Her outfits often hit her, elegant and fashionable, but also sporty and very casual. A few days ago the showgirl showed in her stories the polish on her nails. Attentive fans watching each of his ig’s will surely have noticed.

elisabetta canalis enamel
Canalis, new nail polish (credits: instagram)

Canalis has chosen a color of a fairly neutral shade. It would appear to be a very bright white. This tint brings out your tan. Apparently he opted for simplicity, no bright colors but focused on the brightness of the effect. The nails are not very long and would appear to have a more circular shape. This is a manicure that many do, beautiful and natural: do you like it?