Elisabetta Canalis, the divorce from Brian Perri is official

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Elisabetta Canalis and Brian Perri are officially in the process of divorcing permanently. The documents have been filed in court in Los Angeles and the various steps to make the divorce effective will take place in the coming months. The Italian showgirl, former tissue of Striscia La Notizia, has lived for many years in Los Angeles where she created a life and a family after starting her love story with Brian Perri. According to some rumors, the documents relating to the separation report “irreconcilable differences” as the main reason, underlining the fact that the two spouses have tried to continue their marriage several times but without success.

The end of the marriage

Between Canalis and Perri, however, there does not seem to be bad blood and the two seem to have remained on good terms by deciding together to end their relationship for the good of both of them and their children. Their lives have probably taken different paths and that feeling that united them until some time ago has weakened to the point of completely vanishing. As for the custody of the children, the couple has in fact asked for joint custody of their daughter Skyler Eva, without going to war. And Canalis, according to official sources, would not even have claimed maintenance from Perri. «When I lose something I always find a good reason to go on… I throw myself into my work. It’s the only thing I can hold on to,” Canalis had declared to Chi when she ended up with Clooney.

George Clooney and America

We also remember Elisabetta Canalis’ link with the United States for her relationship with actor George Clooney who had filled the tabloids for a long time. The orthopedic surgeon instead arrived later and the two got married in 2014. The daughter is now seven years old and in any case Canalis has no intention of returning to live in Italy, so the two can easily continue being parents together, organizing themselves with the days and times to be present. Canalis has already moved house and her mother has flown from Sardinia to America to be near her and help her with the move.