Elisabetta Canalis, who is her husband Brian Perri and what she does in life

We know Elisabetta Canalis well but what do we know about her husband Brian Perri? Who is the former tissue’s partner and what does he do in his life

A Striscia la Notizia has conquered everyone for its indisputable beauty. To date Elisabetta Canalisa former showgirl from the well-known satirical news program, is considered one of the most beautiful showgirls in the Italian show business, and also overseas.

Brian Perri is Elisabetta Canalis’ husband, who is he and what does he do in life? (Credits: Instagram)

Not just a model and a former tissue, as we well know the beautiful Elisabetta Canalis she also appeared on the small screen as an actress and presenter. She was at the center of the gossip headlines for her previous love affairs that saw her first alongside the footballer Christian Vieri and then later in the arms of actor George Clooney, however it took some time before Canalis find the right man for her.

Something in her life changed when the beautiful showgirl made the acquaintance of the one who is now her current husband, Brian Perri. The two got married in 2014, they got married in Alghero and had a beautiful daughter, Skyler Eva. Today under the Miami sun they love each other more than ever. What do we know about Elisabetta Canalis’ husband? We tell you right away!

What Brian Perri, husband of Elisabetta Canalis does in his life: some curiosities about him

Brian Perri is the husband of the beautiful Elisabetta Canalis. Married in 2014, the two then gave birth to their first daughter, Skyler Eva, the following year. Canalis soon packed her bags to live with her man in her life, and today she and her family live in Los Angeles. Have you ever seen their home? She is really beautiful. But what do we know about the former tissue’s husband?

Brian Perri is an Italian-American surgeon born on December 11, 1967 in Pittsburgh. He is now 54 years old. He received his medical degree from Allegheny college in Pennsylvania. After graduation he took a Masters in Neurology from the University of Hartford but it doesn’t stop there because he later specializes in complex reconstructive surgery for spinal tumors and deformities. He was also interested in the development of modern technologies regarding minimally invasive spinal surgery.

In short, his resume boasts a truly surprising number of titles, and he is also considered one of the best doctors in his field. The surgeon has Calabrian origins from his father’s family. His is a very large family, he has 12 brothers and 27 grandchildren and they all love each other very much.

husband elisabetta canalis
Credits: Instagram

Do you know that he also attended an episode of Le Iene? And on that occasion he made it known that one day he, his beautiful wife and their splendid daughter will come to live in Italy. Aren’t they beautiful together?