Elisabetta, Cristina Parodi: “Unique figure, unrepeatable firmness and modernity”

The expert journalist of English royalty: “Charles will be king of passage, the task of a new England will be up to William”

“With Queen Elizabeth a piece of history has ended, which she has profoundly marked. I have always studied royalty but the Queen is a unique and, I believe, unrepeatable figure. It marked this century, it was the engine of change and the greatness of England. A symbol of unity in a world that kept changing, with a firmness but also with one incredible modernity“. It is the picture that Cristina Parodi trace to Adnkronos commenting on the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Expert in the affairs of the royal family and author of a best seller on the royalty of England (‘Did they all live happily ever after?’), The journalist analyzes the importance of the queen not only for her country but for the world. “She it has always been a certainty: perfect, identical in its way of doing, from clothing to handbag, to dogs – says Parodi – and has managed in the most difficult moments of her country to always be a credible point of reference. She was born with that commitment, and she carried out this task that she was given to her with incredible dedication and self-denial. Maybe even giving up something else, perhaps from a family point of view it was not exceptional, but this woman to the country for 70 years gave the strength that allowed England to overcome very difficult times. Let’s not forget that England came out of the war, she was 26, and she always did the right thing at the right time. “

On the succession to the kingdom, Parodi observes: “Charles will be a passing king, even if only inevitably for the age with which his reign begins. I don’t think he will be able to deeply mark history. I believe that this will be up to her heir and successor who will surely be William, and who will have the task of consolidating the transition and guiding the new England. “Finally, Parodi reserves a thought to what will remain most in the heart of the figure of Elizabeth: “Has had the humility to change your mind when he felt he had the wrong attitude, such as towards Diana and her death. And this is a sign of true greatness, and of great intelligence “.