Elisabetta Gregoraci, bombshell: fans can hardly believe it

Elisabetta Gregoraci, bombshell news for the host of Battiti Live: fans can hardly believe it.

He is one of the most beloved faces of our world of entertainment and has recently finished the exciting adventure on the stage of Battiti Live. Let’s talk about her, Elisabetta Gregoraci, among the showgirls most appreciated by the public.

Elisabetta Gregoraci (Credits Instagram)

Already famous for years, thanks to the experience in the house of the GF Vip in the fifth edition of the reality show, Gregoraci has won the hearts of thousands of fans, showing new sides of herself and making herself known at 360 degrees. And just for the fans of the beautiful Calabrese one is coming really amazing newslet’s find out what it is.

Wonderful news for Elisabetta Gregoraci: what will happen soon

A resounding success, that ofl Radio Norba Cornetto Beats Live. The 2022 edition of the musical event ended on Wednesday 10 August, with a special episode that included the ‘best of’ of all the evenings. A success also achieved thanks to the now tested conductors of the show broadcast by Italia Uno: the couple formed by Alan Palmieri and Elisabetta Gregoraci, flanked by Maria Sole Pollio. On social media, week after week, Gregoraci expressed all her enthusiasm for the ratings and for the affection received from her fans also this summer. Well, just for her fans there is another one wonderful surprise.

The Calabrian showgirl will be one of the protagonists of Naked for life, the new Rai Due format on air from Monday 12 September. Conducted by Mara Maionchi and Marcello Sacchetta, the broadcast will show some beloved faces of TV struggling with real striptease. Behind the ‘lightness’ of the moment, however, there is a just cause: to sensitize viewers on cancer prevention and body care. Elisabetta will be one of the 11 VIPs of the cast of Nudes for life and the fans can’t wait to follow her in this new commitment. Which, apparently, will not be the only one …

According to what Di Più reported, it would be scheduled for Elisabetta Gregoraci an early evening, always at Rai’s home. What is it about? At the moment no more is known, but what is certain is that this is truly a magical moment for Flavio Briatore’s ex-wife.

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Selfie by Elisabetta (Instagram Credits)

Waiting to see her again on the small screen, EliGreg is always in contact with his fans through his very popular Instagram profile, which has almost 2 million followers. On her channel, the showgirl shares photos and videos of her days, from work shots to moments of daily family life. And there is no shortage of photos of her looks, which in this period are clearly from the sea: outfits that are never banal and always impeccable. What are you waiting for to follow her? You will not regret it!