Elisabetta Gregoraci leaves the fans speechless: the decision comes as a surprise

Elisabetta Gregoraci leaves everyone speechless with her decision: no one would ever have imagined such a thing, what she said.

Although it was a summer without Temptation Island – on which Filippo Bisciglia also spoke recently – it cannot at all be said that it was not a summer full of music. At first with Tim Summer Hits, conducted by Stefano De Martino and Andrea Delogu, and later Battiti Live, the Italian public enjoyed themselves in these warm evenings.

Elisabetta Battiti live. Credits: Instagram

For another consecutive, Elisabetta Gregoraci and Alan Palmieri were the backbone of Battiti Live. Around Puglia, the two beloved conductors took over the reins of the twentieth edition of the musical event. And they made millions of Italians dance and sing. Unfortunately, this 2022 edition ends with tonight’s stage, but you are curious to know what will happen to Elisabetta Gregoraci immediately after Battiti Live? To reveal everything in the smallest detail, it was the direct interested in TV Sorrisi e Canzoni. Before starting this new and fantastic adventure, the beautiful Calabrian explained her intentions. Big party for her fans – you’ll never guess what hers is decision.

Elisabetta Gregoraci’s decision: it will happen immediately after Battiti Live

The key to the success of Elisabetta Gregoraci it is precisely this: its simplicity! Although she is very famous and with a rather experienced career behind her, the Calabrian presenter has never lost an opportunity to demonstrate how much popularity for her is absolutely worthless. In short, Elisabetta is really one of us! This is confirmed by the words he said on Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni shortly before his very recent conduction at Battiti Live. In addition to telling her emotions about her for the musical event – of which she took over the reins for the sixth consecutive year – Gregoraci revealed what she plans to do immediately after Battiti Live.

Are you a huge fan of Elisabetta Gregoraci and can’t wait to meet her? Pay attention that the host intends to meet you after Beats Live! “I’d like to spend a whole day with them, I’ll try to organize”, he told Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni. A really brilliant idea, don’t you think?

At the moment, there is no information on this, but we just have to follow his Instagram profile for further updates.

How are you spending your holidays?

It is late summer and even Elisabetta Gregoraci – as well as Ilary Blasi, who flew to Tanzania after the announcement of her separation from Totti – is enjoying her holidays. Recently, in fact, she showed herself together with her ex-husband, her daughter and the young Nathan Falco. A stay, therefore, in the family and that makes the Calabrian host happy.

gregoraci after beats
Elisabetta Gregoraci Instagram. Credits: Instagram

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