Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active: the new Jabra headphones arrive

For the start of the autumn season, the Danish Jabra, a company that always presents innovative and excellent quality audio products, presented two new headphone models, similar although different from each other: the Elite 10 (the “most advanced headphones for work and life”) and the Elite 8 Active (the “most resistant” headphones). We took them with us on holiday, let’s find out all their features.

Jabra Elite 10

The Elite 10 are the most advanced headphones Jabra can offer at the moment. They offer a full and immersive sound and, in our tests, they always performed perfectly. Spatial Sound technology is present with Dolby Head Tracking which creates a three-dimensional audio environment within which you can move your head to “move” together with the audio. In terms of fit, they are very comfortable, they enter the ears without excessive pressure and adapt to most people thanks to the EarGel technology created by Jabra scanning over 62 thousand different types of ears. We can confirm that we wore them on a six-hour train ride and forgot we had them on. Speaking of train, these headphones offer noise cancellation that Jabra defines as “enhanced” thanks to proprietary Advanced Active Noise Cancellation technology. We must say, however, that in our test it did not leave us fully satisfied: in a crowded train – certainly a fairly extreme test – they were unable to eliminate the screams and cries of the children and the noises of the tunnel, which in some cases dominated listening to our podcasts. The Elite 10 also perform very well during phone calls, virtual meetings and video calls: this is thanks to six microphones capable of capturing our voice crystal clear, eliminating background noise. In terms of battery, the parent company promises up to six hours of use and 21 additional hours with the case. The Elite 10 features Bluetooth Multipoint to connect to two devices simultaneously. Through the Jabra app it is possible to set automatic pause if we remove the headphones, automatic answer to calls, activation of silent if we remove the headphones during a call, the behavior of the side keys, control the voice assistant.
Finally, the headphones are certified with an IP57 rating for water resistance. Colors: cocoa, cream, glossy black, matte black, titanium black. List price 250 euros.

Elite 8 Active

“The toughest, the most resistant”. This is how Jabra presents us with the new Elite 8 Active: these are headphones (like the case) tested in extreme conditions and in particular from the point of view of temperature changes, water resistance (up to one and a half metres), dust and shock. Being designed mainly for those who do outdoor sports, the headphones remain firmly in the ears even with very rapid movements thanks to the Jabra Shakegrip technology: when running and doing sports you have the sensation that the headphones literally remain anchored to the ears ( without applying pressure or causing discomfort). Among the features, active noise cancellation, Dolby spatial audio, again six microphones to make the voice stand out from background noise. The Elite 8 Active promise eight hours of continuous playback on a single charge, using the case these hours extend to 24. Otherwise the features and functions are very similar to those of the Elite 10. Colours: black, caramel, gray and Navy blue. List price: 200 euros.

Pros and cons


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Software and features


  • Improved noise cancellation