Elizabeth, because she always dressed in bright colors

Small in stature, the queen was so visible and recognizable by all, even from a distance. And she also projected a sunny and reassuring image.

Style icon, inimitable and immediately recognizable, the Queen Elizabeth II always wore suits of bright colors in his 70 years of reign. An absolutely not random choice, because Elisabetta, who passed away on 8 September at the age of 96, he wanted to express a sense of joy and lightness, but above all to be seen by everyone, even from a distance. And so we only saw her dressed in black at funerals, while in public she favored bright shades of yellow, pink, red, blue, green and purple.

She is small in stature, which is why she can be difficult to spotso it was decided years ago by whoever dresses her that it would be helpful to choose brightly colored dresses “, the royal expert Daisy McAndrew had recently explained. After all, the queen was faithful to the motto” you have to be seen to be believed “. If she attended an event, she didn’t want anyone to be disappointed because she couldn’t see it. “The bigger the crowd expected, the brighter the colors.”

In addition to the need for visibility, the queen loved to project a solar image, but at the same time reassuring, certainly not sumptuous. “A non-sensational elegance”, as couturier Sir Norman Hartnell defined it. Everything started from the color chosen for the day: she loved to show off dress, coat – and of course hat – as much as possible in the same color. All accompanied by a necklace and pearl earrings, brooch on the left, handbag on the left wrist, gloves and comfortable shoes with a square heel. Of course, since the sun is not guaranteed in Great Britain, Elizabeth also thought of umbrellas, preferably transparent ones to be seen in the rain.

“Color is the key, the one chosen must suit the Queen and the occasion. Vibrant colors work well during the day: they allow her to stand out in the crowd,” explained Angela Kelly, one of the main heads of the royal wardrobe, in 2019. his book: “The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe”.

Naturally the queen was very careful in choosing the hats to match the clothes. “If Her Majesty visits a school for children, she always chooses a cheerful color for the dress and on the hat she wants details that the little ones like: feathers, flowers and ribbons.. If she goes to a nursing home, she prefers strong, well-defined colors, with a well-structured hat, so that even those who are visually impaired will notice it, “wrote Kelly.