Elizabeth, Charles III in Westminster: “I feel the weight of history”

In his first speech to Parliament as a king, the sovereign promised to uphold “vital parliamentary traditions”. So he headed to Edinburgh for the funeral procession

King Charles III promised to uphold “vital parliamentary traditions” in his first speech at Westminster Hall as the new monarch following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. “I can’t help but feel the weight of the history that surrounds us and reminiscent of vital parliamentary traditions, “said Charles III, who defined the Parliament is a “living and working tool of our democracy“, recalling how his mother undertook to maintain” the precious principles of constitutional governance that are at the heart of our nation. “The new king, always referring to Queen Elizabeth, reiterated his commitment to” faithfully follow “her example. The British ruler then quoted Shakespeare comparing his mother to Queen Elizabeth I. “As Shakespeare said of the first Queen Elizabeth, she was a model for all living principles,” he said.

EDINBURGH – After having met the members of the House of Commons and that of Lords for condolences, Charles III, with the queen consort Camilla, are departed by plane from the Raf base in Northolt for Edinburgh. Shortly before entering the palace of Holyroodhouse for the ‘Ceremony of the Keys’, Carlo got out of the car to be able to stop for a few minutes with Camilla to greet the crowd.

The king, Camilla, other members of the royal family will then follow the procession with the coffin of Elizabeth II which will be transferred to St Giles’ cathedral, where the remains of the sovereign will be exhibited for the first time as a tribute to the public for 24 hours, before of the move to London. Premier Liz Truss will also be present.

Carlo will then return to Holyrood to meet the Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and Alison Johnstone, speaker of parliament. At 5.40 pm the king and queen consort will meet with parliament to receive a motion of condolence.

With other members of the royal family, Charles and Camilla will then take part in a vigil at 7.20pm in St Giles’ Cathedral and spend the night in Edinburgh. Elizabeth’s coffin will be displayed in the cathedral, guarded by the Royal Company of Archers, to allow people to go and pay their respects to the queen who passed away on Thursday.