Elizabeth, London prepares to welcome the queen’s coffin

The body will be exhibited in Westminster Hall from tomorrow until Sunday. And there are those who have already lined up

London prepares to welcome Queen Elizabeth’s coffin. The body is currently in St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, where it will remain on display until 5pm (local time). In the evening he will be flown to London. So from tomorrow until Sunday the funeral home at Westminster Hall. Prince of Wales William and Princess Kate will be waiting for Queen Elizabeth’s coffin at Buckingham Palace. The coffin will be welcomed by King Charles.

THE FLIGHT – The Queen’s coffin will fly to London on an RAF C17, formerly used to deliver aid to the Ukrainian population affected by the war launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin, but also to evacuate Afghan refugees after the Taliban came to power. ” It is a very used plane: it carried most of the 15,000 people we evacuated from Kabul last summer. And, since then, it has been used for air transport of humanitarian aid to support Ukraine, ” Royal Air Force chief Sir Mike Wigston told Sky News. Speaking of the queen, Wigston called her ” the embodiment of a life of service ” that the military ” all try to emulate in some way ”.

BURIAL CHAMBER – Queen Elizabeth’s funeral parlor in London opens Wednesday night, but there are already those who have lined up to be in first place. A lady among the first to arrive, Vanessa Nanthakumaran, assured the BBC that she will be waiting for the next two days, be it rain or shine.

The funeral home at Westminster Hall will open Wednesday at 5pm (6pm in Italy) and will close at 6.30am on Monday 19, the day the funeral will take place in Westminister Abbey.

The last funeral parlor for a member of the royal family dates back to 2002, when Elizabeth’s mother died. At that time, over 200,000 people queued to pay homage to the coffin. Last year, when Prince Philip, Elizabeth’s husband, died, the ceremonies were very restricted due to the covid.