Elizabeth, revelations about Afghanistan: sent Harry because it was too risky for William

Queen Elizabeth wanted both grandsons Harry and William to fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001 before deciding it was too risky to send the future heir, the eldest son of Charles and Lady Diana. To reveal it, writes the Daily Mail online in an article, the former army chief violating the protocol. The decision to involve the princes in the conflict was discussed in a meeting with Elizabeth II and General Sir Mike Jackson, then head of the British army.

The details of the private audience with the Queen

In an ITVX documentary titled ‘The Real Crown’, to be aired soon, Sir Mike breached protocol by revealing details of his private audience with the Queen. “What happens in these hearings and who says what to whom remains between the two people involved. I will break the rule of not disclosing what happens on this one occasion,” he said. According to the man, the Queen would have said that for William “the risk was too great”, while for his younger brother Harry it was “acceptable”. ‘The Real Crown’ also reveals that Elizabeth had put a lot of thought into the decision as she had detailed information on the risks faced by UK armed personnel in Afghanistan.