Elizabeth, the monarchy comes out of mourning: William and Kate in Wales

Flags no longer at half mast therefore on the royal residences starting at 8 this morning. The king, Charles III remains in Scotland

The British monarchy today comes out of the period of prolonged mourning observed following the death of Elizabeth II, on 8 September last, and resumes its functions without the limitations observed so far: flags no longer at half mast therefore on the royal residences starting from 8 this morning as William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales, will spend the day touring the region, from Holyhead to Anglesey, North Wales, first, then to Swansea in southwest Wales.

The royal couple had promised to visit the region at the earliest opportunity since the queen’s death to begin “deepening the relationship of trust and respect” they have with the people of Wales. The last official visit made by William and Kate, then Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was in June at Cardiff Castle, where rehearsals for the Platinum Jubilee concert were taking place.

The king, Charles III, traveled to Scotland shortly after the queen’s funeral last Monday and could stay at his home in Birkhall until early October, following a tradition established by his mother, who normally spent around 10 weeks in her home. Scottish during the summer, returning to London around the time the autumn session of parliamentary proceedings began.