Elkann: “Convinced that Juve can go back to winning the championship”

“The team has changed a lot”

More than confident, I am convinced that Juve will win again: Juve is going through a new cycle as has happened many times in the now 100-year history that binds my family to the Juventus jersey. “So John Elkann in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.” The team has changed a lot, but at the helm ‘is a coach like Allegri who knows the club well and the spirit of tenacity and concreteness that characterizes it. We are sorry not to be able to see Juve run with all the horses and the power it would have available without injuries “, he adds.

“I am concerned about what is around football and professional sport in general. At the center of the system should be the fans, the athletes, and the teams. Instead, there is a dangerous drift that benefits intermediaries, organizers and regulators who they are putting the world of sport in difficulty because they are motivated solely by money and power, “he stresses. “I have faith in the work my cousin Andrea Agnelli is carrying out to give football a future with commitment and passion” he adds.

STELLANTIS – “Sergio would be very proud to see what Stellantis is doing. I think about this when our adventure started. In 2004, Fiat was fighting for the safety zone. Then we managed with Chrysler and FCA to compete in mid-table and maybe play the Europa League. With Stellantis, who is just over a year old, we are fighting to win the championship and we are in the Champions League “.

“In the Stellantis team, the Italian brands make a great impression. The electric 500 is the most awarded Fiat ever, Maserati is doing very well and will return to motorsport for electric races, Alfa Romeo is profitable again with the new models and the Lancia is to present a series of products of Italian elegance “.

FERRARI – “This year we are competitive, as I predicted two years ago,” he says. “And we have been able to transform this competitiveness into victories. We have finally returned to the top step 4 times. And behind the successes there is a great teamwork. In professional sport it is the details that make the difference. In 2020 the 48% of our pit stops were under 3 “for an average of 2” 75. In the first 15 grands prix this year 70% are under 3 “and the average is 2” 6 “. Elkann emphasizes the need to “mature”, because “, he observes,” there are still too many mistakes.

“Great confidence and gratitude for the work done by Mattia Binotto and all our engineers. But there is no doubt that the work in Maranello, in the pits, on the short wall and at the wheel needs to mature – says Elkann – we must continue to grow and this is true for the mechanics, for the engineers, for the drivers, and of course for all the management, including the Team Principal. We have seen it on reliability, on driving, on strategy. There are still too many mistakes “, he adds and continues. “Trusting Binotto and his team was the right choice and it paid off. Thanks to them we are competitive and winning again. But I’m not satisfied because I think we can always do better.”

“This weekend in Monza is above all a moment of celebration. For Italy and for the sport of motorsport. So much so that the President of the Republic will also be with us tomorrow. We are proud of the primacy of our extraordinary Italian brands: in the register of the Monza GP, we find 19 victories for Ferrari, 8 for Alfa Romeo, 2 for Fiat and 2 for Maserati “, adds Elkann.

“We have aimed to be competitive first and foremost. If you are not competitive you have no margins, while reliability can be worked on. This is why I am confident that between now and 2026, Ferrari will return to win a constructors ‘and a drivers’ world championship“.” Charles Leclerc is in pole position. We are fortunate to have two great drivers behind the wheel, probably the strongest couple in Formula One. ”

THE ELECTRIC MODEL – “Benedetto Vigna is a very talented man” he says. “He knows technology so well that he is able to humanize it … He is building an electrifying future for Ferrari. I am pleased, indeed it fills me with pride to see how, within the company, we have moved from initial skepticism to enthusiasm for the electric Ferrari that will be a reality in 2025“.

As for Ferrari’s participation in the Hypercars championship in 2023 after 50 years, Elkann adds: “It will be a very important return for us. It will be 100 years of Le Mans and we will return to the Hypercars category after 50 years of absence. they are not just F1. Ferrari is present in 20 different categories and last year we broke our racing records in motorsport. “