Elly Schlein against Giorgia Meloni: “Dangerous words about Giambruno”

The secretary of the Democratic Party: “I found the Prime Minister’s response to her partner’s statements in relation to cases of sexual violence serious”

The response given yesterday by the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on the words of comrade Andrea Giambruno on the rape in Palermo “I found it serious. I found them to be dangerous words for someone who holds such a high institutional position”. The secretary of the Democratic Party said it Elly Schlein speaking at the Corriere della Sera festival ‘Il Tempo delle Donne’ in Milan.

“I don’t think it’s women who put or don’t put rapists in a position to rape. I don’t think that any condition or attitude of a woman ever justifies violence. It’s very risky to rank how women should behave, because if you think that women can’t drink a beer because they risk more, what can we say about that rape against a woman who was running in the park? Who shouldn’t go out anymore because it’s risky? So in the end it would be better if we covered ourselves fully and not should we leave the house more?”, asked Schlein, urging us to “do much deeper cultural work and establish that it is on rapists, on violent people, on that prejudice against women’s bodies that we need to put all the attention of the institutions and policies that we implement, as long as this rampant violence is not tolerable.”


On support for Ukraine, in the war against Russia, “there are strong differences on this point with other opposition forces. Paradoxically, full support for the Ukrainian people criminally invaded by Putin’s Russia is a point on which there has been convergence with what the government has done up to now”.

“It is clear that we had no doubts from the beginning that it was necessary to support the invaded people also in their right to self-defense, therefore with every necessary instrument of assistance, including the military one, but it is not enough to wait for the last rifle to fall. A force of the left – added Schlein – cannot abandon the prospect of ending conflicts and working towards a just peace, under the conditions that the Ukrainians must establish and certainly not anyone else for them”. The other request of the PD secretariat is “to see greater protagonism from the European Union from a political and diplomatic point of view because only with the Union do we have a voice”.