Elodie guest on Stories, Tuesday 5 December on Sky TG24

Elodieis the protagonist of the new episode of “Stories”the series of interviews with the main performers of the show Sky TG24. Guest of the newspaper’s deputy editor Omar Schillacidirected by Roberto Contacts,interpreter, performer and actress, tells her story in“Elodie – Showtime”. On airTuesday 5 December at9.00pm onSky TG24 ,Saturday 9 Decemberat1.15pmonSky Artit is always availableOn Demand.

the success of her first tour in sports halls which will end on Saturday 9 December at the Forum d’Assago, Elodie Show 2023, the Sky special that shows behind the scenes and beyond of her sold out show staged last May and Red Light , his new clubtape whose cover signed by Maestro Milo Manara is already cult, “My father collected his comics,” these are just some of the topics addressed during “Elodie – Showtime”.

A confidential chat that starts from afar, more precisely from Rome, Primavalle and Quartaccio, the village where she lived and dreamed as a child: “That desire to be a singer is a bit of a child’s desire. At home I danced, I sang… it’s the desire to be watched a bit by the family, at the beginning your first audience is that“, but where, above all, he loved to play…”My first favorite toy was a rag doll, Peppa, and a velvet blanket that was Puss“, a passion for games that has not abandoned her even now “I know how to play cards, I like it. As a kid I was very good at tressette. In general I also like board games. I have many, like Risk, even though I don’t play them much because I’m a bit of a nerd”. However, a childhood lived in a difficult neighborhood: “I believe that today, more than ever, education is needed as an act of love and what I am proud of is that, despite everything, and from where I grew up I have good values”. An experience which however did not prevent her from realizing herself and finding her way, with a lot of work and dedication: “I’m a hard worker, I discovered this growing up. I work every day, I work and I am happier, more serene. I have a goal.”

The success then crowned her the queen of pop in Italy, with a record-breaking 2023, marked by a David di Donatello for the song “Proiettili (Ti Mangiao il cuore)” in the “Best original song” category, two new recording projects, the sold out in May at the Assago Forum and his first tour in sports halls: “If in 2019 I understood that I was taking the right path… in 2023 I hit the jackpot” he jokes, but behind that iconic image there is a more fragile Elodie, who has been able to transform the weaknesses of her past into an extra push to achieve her goals, as when she remembers her beginnings in Friends. “I like the restlessness I had. If I could go back I would like to hug myself and reassure myself. I see many wounds, many many fears that I still have now, but which I manage with more confidence. That’s the beauty of growing up.” A maturity and awareness that have led her today to be a true example of female emancipation. “There are probably those who are scared of a woman’s safety. Man has always tried to manage women, to make her an object to control. If we can remove control we can establish a dialogue. I do what I can with my tools, with my way of living and doing it freely, even if this seems wrong to someone else, but if it’s right for me it means I’m free”, as well as godmother of pride 2022 as a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community: “There is an affinity between me and the LGBTQIA+ community, I have always liked their way of demonstrating for their rights, because they always do it with a smile. This is also a great lesson.”