Elodie: “Man fears woman because woman creates. Just be afraid”

ClubTape there are seven new songs all mixed without pauses and it is the new recording project, or perhaps it would be better to say musical since it is neither an album nor an EP, by Elodie. Is called Red Light and it’s a little Eyes Wide Shut a little upset but still “four quarters inside the chest”. Elodie paints a glamorous world through a medium-length film that tells all the songs with a message that unites them, “I’m here to provoke” and he does it with hypnosis “euphoria”. Elodie will also be the protagonist of a special Sky content, Elodie Show 2023, broadcast on 10 November on Sky Uno, streaming on NOW and free-to-air on TV8. The images of the international live show, staged in a completely sold out Mediolanum Forum in Milan last May, will be alternated with frames in which the artist tells his story, his emotions and his music.

Elodie tell me about the ClubTape project.

I missed the atmosphere of the clubs a bit, of the world that raised me and after having seen the Forum concert again it seemed obligatory to talk about the people I saw under me, under the stage. Now I know my audience and I cared about a project, ClubTape precisely, with a strong imagination. Image is like fashion and in my project image is as strong as music. I like to play and express myself in 360 degrees, I am a grown up child and today there is too much rigidity towards a free choice, especially in this historical period.
It’s a completely different project to what you’ve done so far.

They are suitable songs for this very beautiful moment in my life, I added something to what is already there. There is a free and naughty video message, I wanted to push: those who come to my live show have to go home exhausted, almost saying that they won’t come anymore because they are so exhausted.
The cover is by Milo Manara: how did it come about?

I discovered the female body and eroticism through his works. After the scandal of the naked photo, I who have always enjoyed being annoyed, turned to him and maestro Manara changed a detail of the photo, removed his modest hand and moved it. Our body is manifest and it is political: I am a free woman, especially today there is a need to remember that we are free in how to express ourselves and use our body. My family told me to be free and I have no body shame, at most there must be shame about the thoughts we think.
There is also a beneficial side to it Red Light.

Red is Bono’s non-profit association and one hundred percent of the gadgets that will be sold with the album will go to charity. I’m very proud of it.
In one year your life has been revolutionized.

Four forums will arrive: a year ago I was at Magnolia and today I’m at four forums. Life makes you cry and laugh, this time it made me laugh. I’m very happy, I’m in a moment of total openness, I need to do, I’m hyperactive. At the Forum there will be a central block with a shortened version of the video you watched with me.
In the seven videos, underwear is the main protagonist.

I love underwear and do a lot of research! In the visuals I showed body and sexuality in all facets, a beautiful game, I had a lot of fun.
I know there is collaboration with Dardust.

I started working on Red Light after the live show in May at the Forum in Assago. Dardust took over the entire production project. He harmonized the project.

Let’s go back to the visuals and the seven songs: they are a true political manifesto. How can prejudice be undermined today?
It was a bad summer for us women, but also for men. Never justify brutal behavior, we must all question ourselves and say how many times we have had sexist gestures. Women have to do it too. In life you need to be clear-headed, as much as possible, and never be afraid and therefore speak up. Man must give us a hand, we must not be afraid to go out and show ourselves for what we are. If we look at the history of human beings, women are the most mistreated, perhaps only trans women are treated worse. It’s a delicate moment, you have to put your foot down and not be afraid. I’m full of understanding and justifying the fragility and smallness of man. Man fears woman because woman creates. The fear of the different is because you see something better than you and we are special. It happened to me, in the past, to show myself in one way and at home to justify myself for that: it doesn’t happen anymore.
The terrible habit of judging remains.

People must not allow themselves to judge a choice to exist. People must learn to respect those who are different and not make others feel in difficulty. I consider the Lazio Region’s removal of its patronage from Pride to be a violent gesture, I found it to be a violent gesture. There is a specific message. I would like to sit at the table with certain people and have them explain their illnesses.
Are you that pessimistic?

I am optimistic, we have always been harassed but we exist.
But today we have a female Prime Minister.

I won’t answer unless you give us the title. And in any case I have said several times what I think
Cinema projects?

I’m reading a script that’s interesting but far from what I’m doing.
Will you be a nun?

I won’t be a nun, maybe in a few years, but I don’t feel ready now. If the project goes through it will be a fun madness, I still have to audition.
Has any party asked you to run?

I’m in eighth grade. And I’m honest. I am moved by a good feeling but I am ignorant; but I also see that on the other side no one is asking the problem.
There are many references to the Eighties and Nineties: who inspires you?

Women have the problem that we become âgé very soon, women grow old and become sour while men improve like fine wine. I was 17 years old when I saw a Madonna concert and I was amazed. Obviously I can’t compare myself to Madonna but great icons give the possibility to dream. I can be as I always want. At least once a week I listen to her Hung Up. Then I listen to Miley Cyrus because she is powerful, I listen to Rosalia. I listen a bit randomly.
Are you thinking about going abroad?

I’m here and do my thing. I still have a plan b even though now I have the ability to do whatever I want. One has to dream big.