Elodie, the paparazzi catch her with him: it’s not Marracash

The paparazzi have immortalized Elodie with a familiar face that is not Marracash: according to The Pipol, there may be a new flirtation going on.

For several years she has been one of the most popular singers in Italy, but Elodie Di Patrizi over time it has become much more than that. Very popular on social media and super model requested by the most famous designers, the former student of Friends she also recently made her debut as an actress.

Elodie spotted with him (Credits: Instagram)

In fact, it was chosen as hero of the film by Pippo Mezzapesa I eat your heart, inspired by the novel by Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Fascini. Without forgetting the experience alongside Amadeus as co-host of the second evening of the Sanremo 2021 Festival!

With her looks, then, the beautiful 31-year-old Roman drives her almost 3 million followers on Instagram crazy every time and a lot of attention towards her has made her a real fashion icon. And, as with all characters capable of emerging, it is normal that her love life is often under the magnifying glass. And precisely regarding this aspect, there is a sensational indiscretion on the part of The Pipol: curious to know what it is?

Elodie spotted by the paparazzi with him: new flame for the singer?

From this point of view, his most talked about story was undoubtedly the one with the rapper Marracash, which began in 2019. The two appeared happy together for a long time, until they decided to share their paths. Despite the breakup, they seem to be on excellent terms so much so that Elodie appeared on the cover of his titled album We, them, the others. Not to mention that the paparazzi of Who they immortalized them as they left the same house.

“It is not a relationship as we understand it out there, but we love each other, very well” said the singer a while ago in an interview with the Corriere della Sera. Just this summer, Elodie’s strong statements were added to Peter Gomez’s La Confessine: “Marracash is the person I will love most in my entire life. Won’t a next boyfriend be happy with this? It will never be up to par ”.

Now, however, the indiscretion launched by The Pipol could shuffle all the cards. The social media edited by Gabriele Parpiglia has published videos in which the singer appears at dinner in Sardinia with a group of friends including Andrea Iannone. According to the revelations of some witnesses, the attitude of the sportsman would show a clear interest in Di Patrizi.

For now, no confirmation or denial has arrived from those directly involved. Even the 32-year-old originally from Vasto has some stories behind him that ended with famous women like Belen Rodriguez and Giulia De Lellis and who knows now he doesn’t want to give himself a chance with another beautiful one from the world of entertainment like Elodie.

Elodie paparazzi
Elodie twist (Credits: Instagram)

How would you see them together?