Elodie, the post with dedication and couple photos for Andrea Iannone’s birthday

One year into their love story Elodies And Andrew Iannone I am in complete agreement. Three months after the social dedication of the motorcycle pilot for the birthday of the Roman singer-songwriter, she is the one to reciprocate the congratulations to the boyfriend on the day the sportsman turns thirty-four.
social greetings, a post which contains unedited photos and videos of the couple, have already captured the attention of fans who congratulate the two for the frank way in which they reveal their feelings to the general public.

The dedication for the pilot’s birthday

Elodie and Andrea Iannone are serious, now there are no more doubts from the observers and the numerous followers who follow the updates of the two celebrities on their respective and highly populated Instagram profiles.
The Roman pop star interrupted the sequence of shots showing her summer daily life to publicly wish the sportsman, born on August 9, 1989.
To Iannone, protagonist of the selection of photos and short videos in the carousel posted for his birthday, he writes: “How nice it is to live with you. Congratulations my love. I love you”, a simple and very clear message for the many who at first had doubts about what was already considered the most explosive couple of the season last summer.
The love story has now completed a year and Elodie’s last post proves that the relationship, in addition to being authentic, is also a source of great serenity for the singer of Two. In the photos, some selfies, passionate kisses, private and sensual shots and also a video showing the spontaneous laughter of the pilot. The fans’ comments are all for the birthday boy, considered by the singer’s admirers to be one of the luckiest men in Italy.

Elodie: waiting for the indoor tour

Waiting to return to the commitments of their respective agendas, Elodie and Iannone are enjoying the summer before a season that will be important for both.
While the thirty-four year old is expected at back on track at the end of the year, when the long period of disqualification that kept him away from the circuits ends, the singer (also an actress) is preparing to embrace the fans for the indoor tours that will see her engaged in the arenas and that will start from Naples next November 18th. In Elodie’s itinerary, the main cities of Italy: Rome, Florence and, of course, Milan, where she already performed last May with two sold-out dates at the Mediolanum Forum.