Elon Musk at the border between Texas and Mexico to see the migrant situation. Video

Elon Musk as the special envoy in one of the hottest areas on the migrant front. Dressed all in black, cowboy hat, top gun mirrored glasses and mobile phone in hand, billionaire Elon Musk showed up – surrounded by politicians and bodyguards – along the banks of the Rio Grande, called Rio Bravo by the Mexicans, which divides the United States from Mexico, to see the humanitarian emergency in person and comment on it on his social network with a selfie video.


Musk visited Eagle Pass, where for several days they have been crossing the Rio Grande near a railroad bridge without being discouraged by the barbed wire placed along the river banks by the Texas National Guard. And so directly, to a surprising effect, the founder of Tesla entered the US debate on immigration to meet local politicians and law enforcement agencies and obtain what he called an “unfiltered” view of the situation. Musk said he was in favor of immigration but against those who break the law in a selfie video posted on social media platform X.

Migrant emergency

Musk’s visit took place at the height of the humanitarian emergency. For days, thousands of people on the run have ventured into northern Mexico on freight trains and buses, to cross the border with the United States in Texas, Arizona and California. The sharp increase, particularly around San Diego, California, and in the Texas border cities of El Paso and Eagle Pass, follows an earlier lull in unauthorized border crossings, following a new asylum policy imposed by the administration of President Joe Biden.