Elon Musk buys Twitter but ends up in the eye of the social storm

Elon Musk buys Twitter for $ 44 billion and sends social media into a tailspin: users have not missed the opportunity to comment on one of the most important acquisitions ever, as it could profoundly change the information and communication landscape on the web.

According to data collected by the Innovation Department of Volocom (partner company Adnkronos, leader in Business and Media Intelligence through artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies), in the last month Musk and Twitter generated an engagement of almost 1 million on social networks, equal to 867,110 thousand total interactions.

But how was the news of the purchase received by the owner of Tesla and SpaceX (and now also of Twitter)?

Most users, almost 64%, express their discontent and only 26.41% say they are satisfied with this new breakthrough for the microblogging platform.

Someone claims, jokingly, that the down of Whatsapp a few days ago is attributable to Musk himself.

Others believe the operation is part of a political deal orchestrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

There is also no lack of skepticism regarding Musk’s ‘good intentions’, who for months has been saying he wants to protect free speech on the platform.

The front of those in favor, albeit small, is still present. Musk’s gesture of firing most of Twitter’s ‘moderators’ is especially appreciated.

Twitter, has it been talked about on Twitter?

It is Twitter, albeit slightly, the social network in which this topic has been most debated, with almost 47% of the citations.

Women don’t seem very keen on the subject.

In fact, just over 30% expressed their opinion about it.