Elon Musk founds X.Ai, startup for the development of artificial intelligence: what we know

Elon Musk challenges OpenAi, the company that created ChatGPT and which he himself co-founded years ago. The multibillionaire is working on a new startup, called X.Ai, with which he intends to jump into the race to create new artificial intelligence systems. To reveal it is the Financial Times, who writes how at the moment the head of Tesla and Twitter is putting together a group of engineers and researchers and is looking for investors to grow his new project. Legally, in reality, X.Ai already exists: it was registered in Nevada on March 9th. Musk figures as its president, accompanied by Jared Birchall, a former banker at Morgan Stanley and responsible for managing Musk’s immense assets, as cash secretary.

What we know about X.Ai

It’s always the Financial Times to write that the CEO of Tesla has already secured the availability of 10,000 GPU processors, produced by the Californian company Nvidia. Among the names he wanted for his new adventure would be that of Igor Babuschkin, who once worked for DeepMind, one of the most quoted English artificial intelligence companies and part of Alphabet, a holding company which also owns Google.

Musk and artificial intelligence

Sources close to Musk’s project explain that the idea of ​​founding X.Ai was born precisely to compete with OpenAi, which he co-founded in 2015. Only three years later, however, the South African entrepreneur had left the project, saying he concerned about the security issues posed by the artificial intelligence model that was being developed. Since his departure, OpenAi has gone from being a foundation to being a full-fledged company, raising a billion dollars in investment from Microsoft. In recent times, Musk has continued to criticize OpenAi: the project would be too based on economic profit and not very transparent. In February, together with thousands of other names – from the business and academic worlds – Musk had signed a letter asking to stop the growth of artificial intelligence that is too advanced and potentially dangerous for human beings. At OpenAi, the entrepreneur especially criticizes the GPT-4 model, defining it as capable of spreading falsehoods and of being impartial from a political point of view.

From social media to space

Musk is thus preparing to enter the world of artificial intelligence as well. In addition to being CEO of Tesla and Twitter (a few days ago renamed X Corp), for years the South African entrepreneur has also seen much more unexplored fields of cars and social media, from space exploration to neurotechnology: Musk is the founder of SpaceX and Neuralink.