Elon Musk presents the prototype humanoid robot Optimus

Tesla’s Optimus robot walked a few steps on the presentation stage

Tech billionaire Elon Musk unveiled the latest humanoid robot prototype developed by his electric car company Tesla. CEO Musk said the robot is in the works but could be on sale to the public in a few years. The Optimus series robots, according to engineers, will be put to the test by working in Tesla’s assembly factories. Optimus the Tesla humanoid robot appeared on stage at a Silicon Valley event, where he greeted the audience and lifted his knees. Those present were shown a video of Optimus performing simple tasks, such as watering plants, carrying boxes and lifting metal bars. The same you can see at this link. The Tesla boss also said that the introduction of robots represent a fundamental transformation of civilization as we know it and that the future will be a “future of abundance”. Musk has announced that the robots will be mass-produced, costing less than $ 20,000 and will be available in three to five years.