Elon Musk says he agrees with anti-Semitic post on X. Apple suspends advertising

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New storm for Elon Musk. This time it was his comment on an anti-Semitic message posted by a user on the same kind of dialectic of hatred against white people that they want not to be used against them.” The White House called Musk’s words “unacceptable”, condemning “in the strongest terms” what it defines as a “repugnant promotion of anti-Semitism and racist hatred, contrary to our values”. And advertisers are starting to distance themselves from social media.

Apple and IBM suspend X ads

The CEO of But now the damage was done. Apple has decided to suspend all its advertising on X, as has IBM. “We have zero tolerance for hate speech and discrimination, and we have immediately suspended all advertising on for commercials on the platform. Institutions are also distancing themselves from Musk, with the European Commission recommending that all its executive services “temporarily block advertising on X until further notice, to avoid risks of reputational damage”.

Musk tries to explain

The wave of controversy pushed Musk to try to explain himself. The principle, he said, “does not extend to all Jewish communities but, at the risk of being repetitive, I am deeply offended by the messages of the Anti Defamation League (an international Jewish non-governmental organization based in the USA, ed.) and other groups that push de facto anti-white or anti-Asian racism, or racism of any form.” Musk’s positions had already caused discussion in the past. There has been much criticism for his apparent support for the “grand replacement theory”, the far-right idea based on the belief that minorities are replacing whites. And there is also much discussion about the rampant spread of hate speech about X, especially during the war between Israel and Hamas which is destroying Gaza. Musk’s comment clashes with what he said last September, when he met Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: “Obviously I am against anti-Semitism. Freedom of speech sometimes means saying something that others don’t like. We will not promote hate speech,” he said on the occasion.