Elon Musk seeks $1 billion to fund artificial intelligence startup xAi

Elon Musk is looking to raise $1 billion in funding from equity investors, for artificial intelligence company xAI. The owner of Tesla has already raised almost 135 million dollars, according to a document filed Tuesday with the SEC, but the names of the investors are not known. The company xAI born in early 2023 debuted a product, a chatbot called Grok, trained on data from the social network and with a rebellious streak.”

The rivalry with OpenAI

Despite his work in AI, Musk has expressed deep reservations about the technology. He has also frequently and publicly criticized OpenAI, the highest-profile AI startup and developer of ChatGPT, since he left its board of directors in 2018, especially after it created a for-profit arm the following year. Upon the recent ouster and reinstatement of OpenAi CEO Sam Altman, Musk said he wanted to know the reason for the firing, in case the board discovered something dangerous about AI.