Elon Musk wants to make Twitter pay $ 20 a month

The new subscription will be required to have a verified account on the social network

Elon Musk is considering charging Twitter Blue, the subscription section of Twitter, $ 20 a month. Twitter Blue will also become mandatory to keep your profile checked with a blue tick. Subscription to the service currently costs $ 4.99, and is only available in certain markets. Anyone with a verified profile will have 90 days to register on Blue, under penalty of losing the blue check next to their name. The move by the new Twitter owner would be a clear attempt to boost the company’s revenue in no time. Musk did not comment directly on the rumor, but recently posted on the social media saying that “The entire account verification process is about to be revised.” Which also means that, compared to before, anyone who wants a verified profile will be able to pay the fee without further proceedings. Considering then that there are over 400 thousand verified users on Twitter, it is likely that most of these will decide to continue paying in order to maintain the privileges of an account officially linked to their person. This is just one of the many revolutions Musk intends to bring to the social medium after closing a $ 44 billion deal. One of the others is expected to be the dismissal of 25 percent of Twitter’s staff, which totals 7,500 employees.