Elon Musk’s fortune collapses: today it is worth “only” 200 billion dollars

As “Business Insider” reports, the billionaire entrepreneur’s fortune has dropped by 30 billion dollars in the last year. Above all, the collapse of Tesla shares, of which Musk is CEO, of 26% was responsible.

Today Elon Musk is worth just under $200 billion. Absurd figures, yes, but the net worth of Tesla’s billionaire CEO, who in any case remains the richest man in the world, has fallen by as much as 30 billion dollars. To reveal it is BusinessInsider who, quoting the Bloomberg Billionaires Indexunderlines how the SpaceX owner’s entire fortune is now worth 199 billion dollars: “only” 15 billion more than Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who could soon take the crown from him.

The collapse of Tesla

Shares of Tesla, of which the American entrepreneur is CEO, fell by 26%, as Business Insider specifies. In fact, the automotive company reported unsatisfactory results in the last quarterly of 2023, closed on December 31st. After peaking at over $400 in November 2021, the electric car manufacturer’s shares reportedly collapsed by 56%, reducing its value from over $1,200 billion to less than $600 billion.

Musk’s estate

America’s Scrooge owns 411 million shares, which corresponds to approximately 13% of Tesla. A share which, at the beginning of this year, was worth over 100 billion dollars and, now, around 75 billion. Another 74 billion dollars of Musk’s total fortune comes from his stake (42%) in SpaceX, the “parent” aerospace company of the Dragon capsule on which the members of Axiom’s Ax-3 mission travel, including the Italian Walter Villadei.