Emanuela Orlandi, revelation of the former carabiniere: “Buried under Castel Sant’Angelo”

The former Arma soldier wrote a letter to prosecutor Luciani who has just reopened the investigation

“Having conducted in-depth studies and based myself on concrete facts which at the moment I deem preferable not to highlight, I inform you that in the basement of Castel Sant’Angelo”“behind a reinforced door there should be a room of about 20 square meters. In which human remains should be found, including those of Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori”. It is a passage from a letter sent by the former carabiniere Antonio Goglia to the deputy prosecutor Stefano Luciani, appointed by the Rome prosecutor’s office to reopen the investigation into the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi. The content of the letter was published by Italia Oggi .

“The structure should fall under the authority of the Municipality of Rome and therefore it shouldn’t be difficult to prepare an inspection. I assume all responsibility for what I declare and I am ready to respond civilly and criminally”, it continues.