Emanuele Filiberto: “Elizabeth’s funeral reinforces the monarchical idea”

The Prince of Savoy: “Ceremony worthy of a great queen, a great country and a great people”

“Magnificent, beautiful, worthy of a great queen, a great country and a great people”. With these words Emanuele Filiberto of Savoyjoined by AdnKronos in Monte Carlo, describes the funeral ceremony in honor of Elizabeth II in the abbey of Westminster in Londonwhere he could not be present because he was blocked by the Covid, which still reports positive at the last swab. “I was very saddened by the fact of not being able to go and not being able to personally greet so many people, even my cousins, whom I love very much; but we spoke by telephone and we arranged to meet at the next great historical event, namely the coronation. from King Charles IIIfor which I have great affection and esteem “, he reiterates.

“The queen herself had organized and fine-tuned her funeral: this – she says Emanuele Filiberto – is the best thanks you have been able to give to the British, who in turn have been able to thank you and say ‘goodbye’. It was her last gesture from her of that devotion to her, which she has shown all her life to her people. “

Now, he continues, “also thanks to the example and teachings of his mother, Charles will be able to easily follow in his footsteps and prove that he is a great king, an avant-garde monarch, culturally very prepared, a great lover of the arts and very attentive to decisive contemporary issues such as climatic and environmental issues. After all, he demonstrated this from the first day, deciding not to want to attend the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth IIat his side, certain presidents and certain dictators … “

But has this ceremony strengthened or weakened the monarchical idea in the world? “I believe that, during all these years, the monarchical institution has strengthened, as even certain streaming platform titles such as ‘The Crown’. Not to mention the fact that there were four billion people all over the world on TV for Elizabeth’s funeral, almost half of the world’s population! “.

Points out Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy: “Everyone was able to admire that organization, that history, those values, in an era in which there is instead a loss of values, the prevalence of material wealth and personal successes, measured on the basis of likes and followers that do not mean nothing. Here we are talking about a millenary institution and people realize it, they can’t help but realize it “.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)