Emigratis, bad news: when Pio and Amedeo’s show will air

Emigratis, bad news for fans of Pio and Amedeo’s show: Mediaset programming slips again, when will it go on air?

Apparently the Mediaset programming has revised its schedule a little in view of the next programs that would be close to air during the spring season 2022. Among these, was also included the show that sees Pio and Amedeo run, Emigratis .

When emigratis will air: the show hosted by Pio and Amedeo (Credits: Instagram)

As the two prepare to air on Sky Cinema with ‘Belli Ciao’, one wonders when their return to Mediaset with Emigratis. The program that sees the two conductors as protagonists in an exhilarating journey and which had been very successful in the previous season, this time apparently suffers a small setback. It seems that its airing has been postponed. The Mediaset programming has been revised and apparently the fans of the legendary show hosted by Pio and Amedeo will have to wait a little longer before the great return. When will Emigratis go on the air?

Emigratis, when Pio and Amedeo’s show airs

Emigratis should have made its return to Canale 5 this spring, according to the first news received some time before. The Mediaset programming, however, according to what Publitalia, the exclusive Mediaset advertising agency, has been revised. Well, it will not be only the fiction with Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi to slip. Emigratis, hosted by Pio and Amedeo, is also on the list of programs that will be broadcast but not this spring.

emigratis pio and amedeo
Credits: Instagram

The return of the show hosted by Pio and Amedeo is therefore expected for next autumn. What could this choice depend on? There has been talk of a possible extension of L’Isola dei Famosi ‘. There is nothing official at the moment. But if this were the case, considering that L’Isola dei Famosi airs on Thursday, the day Emigratis should have aired, it is possible that the postponement of the program depends precisely on this.