Emigratis, Pio and Amedeo what they took away from Donnarumma: the incredible amount

Emigratis, Pio and Amedeo strike again: what they took away from Donnarumma, the figure is truly incredible, numbers beyond belief!

The postponement and then the prolonged wait since last spring had placed numerous expectations on new season of Emigratis, now on air. Well, starting from September 28th the very nice comic duo is back on Mediaset directly on our screens ready to give us hilarious shows.

Emigratis: how much they took away from Donnarumma (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

Among the ‘victims’ of the fateful duo, there are several famous characters and faces from the world of entertainment and sports. Unique travels, jokes and sketches are brought to the screen by the laughter duo, and we know how much they can entertain us to the sound of laughter! Perhaps the least laugh are the ‘victims’ of the game who, alas, find themselves having to shell out mind-boggling amounts.

In this case, the chosen one in the second episode aired last October 5 was Gianluigi Donnarumma, current Paris Saint Germain goalkeeper. Well, the two comedians flew to the French capital and reached the goalkeeper. In this new episode of Emigratis aired a few days, Pio and Amedeo, nicknamed by Donnarumma respectively ‘Bufalone’ and ‘Mexican’, have certainly left their mark. Do you know how much they took away from Donnarumma? Mind-boggling numbers!

Emigratis, Pio and Amedeo in Paris at Donnarumma’s expense: a staggering figure

Around the world at the expense of their ‘victims’, in the second episode of Emigratis, Pio and Amedeo this time they flew to Paris and joined the former Milan goalkeeper and current goalkeeper instead of Paris Saint Germain, ‘Gigio’ Donnarumma.

On board their apecar, in a clothing that certainly did not make them go unnoticed, Pio and Amedeo who in this episode were ‘Bufalone’ and ‘Mexican’, have certainly left their mark! Spared no expense, the comedy duo dined with the concierge in one of the best-known star hotels in the French capital. And so, they dined choosing the dishes that cost the most from the menu and then spent time with the footballer in a scenic karaoke. But the bitterness came later, when after a few dribbles with the player, the two thought well of stealing a good amount of money from him: an incredible amount!

emigratis donnarumma
Emigratis: 3000 euro away for Donnarumma (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

3 thousand euros in cash that the comic duo took away from the good Donnarumma. And so, at the end of the evening, the comic duo left with their pockets full on board their apecar.