Emigratis, who will be the ‘victim’ characters of Pio and Amedeo in the new episodes

Very little is missing from the new episodes of Emigratis, but what will be the ‘victim’ characters of Pio and Amedeo? Big news expected.

No one would have ever imagined it, but it’s all true: Emigratis is about to return! A few years after the Apulian comic duo announced the end of their famous and funny program, Pio and Amedeo are ready to entertain the public with new travels, jokes and super fun sketches.

Emigratis. Credits: Instagram

After being the conductors of the ‘Felicissima sera’ program, also confirmed for a second edition, Pio and Amedeo are ready to return to their ‘origins’ and entertain their audience with new episodes of Emigratis. Are you ready to discover some anticipation? Up to now, the Apulian comic duo has been able to keep a certain reserve on this fourth edition of the program. The weekly TV smiles and songs, however, wanted to reveal some little ‘gems’.

According to what is learned from the newspaper, it would seem that for this edition of Emigratis the Apulian comedian duo has thought of many new features. Pio and Amedeo, in fact, will continue to travel the world, but they will not be called with their first names, but with two nicknames entrusted to both of them by one of their ‘victims’. Speaking of the latter, are you curious to know who are those characters who will fall into their traps?

Who are the ‘victims’ of Pio and Amedeo in the new episodes of Emigratis?

Having got to know Pio and Amedeo over the years, we know for sure that these new episodes of Emigratis they will be something inimitable. What do you need to know, however, about this fourth edition of the program? As we said, it would seem that there are lots of new things coming. Starting from the ‘nicknames’ with which they will be called up to the common thread that will bind all the appointments, this year we will certainly see some good ones. One question, however, we are sure you are asking yourself: who will be the ‘victims’ this time? Tv Smiles and songs revealed some names. Let’s find out together!

There will be many characters that Pio and Amedeo will visit, but at the moment the name of Gigi Donnarumma – current Paris Saint Germain goalkeeper – and Mahmood has been revealed. It would also seem that the Apulian comic duo also wanted to interact with Roberto Bolle, but that they were ignored. “It hasn’t stopped. He was the only one “, Amedeo said. Do you think the surprises ended here? Absolutely no! Pio and Amedeo will even fly to the set of Beautiful and then make a ‘jump’ to Brazil, Las Vegas and London. In short, crazy!

When is the start expected?

According to what we learn from their interview on TV smiles and songs, it would seem that initially Pio and Amedeo had foreseen only two episodes of Emigratis. Something, however, has caused the plans in progress to change. And so, instead of just a couple of appointments, the Canale 5 program is extended to four episodes. Are you curious to know when the departure date is scheduled? At the moment, there is no definite news yet, but it would seem that the first episode is scheduled for September 28th.

emigratis new episodes
Pio and Amedeo Emigratis. Credits: Instagram

Are you ready for a new journey with them? We can’t wait!