Emilia-Romagna and Milan in the same tweet, controversy over Salvini’s (deleted) post

The Minister of Infrastructure, in a tweet that has since been deleted, compared the inconvenience caused by the floods to the elimination of the Rossoneri in the Champions League

“Heart and commitment (and phone that rings constantly) dedicated to the citizens of Emilia and Romagna who struggle with water and mud. A Milan without heart, grit and ideas, doesn’t even deserve a thought “. This is the tweet posted last night and then removed by Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, as well as a well-known AC Milan fan. The post was published around 11pm, just shortly after the Rossoneri’s elimination from the Champions League at the hands of Inter. But also in the midst of the dramatic flood that is bringing Emilia-Romagna to its knees. After the tweet, taken through the screenshot on social networks, the controversy started. (BAD WEATHER, LIVE ON THE SITUATION IN EMILIA ROMAGNA)

The controversies

After the post, in addition to those of various social users, political comments also arrived. “After ‘belli ciao’, Salvini finds nothing better than to associate in a tweet the tragedy that is taking place in Emilia, his job which should be that of minister and the football match”, reported the Pd with Daniele Manca, dem group leader in the Budget Committee at Palazzo Madama. “Recognizing the written obscenity, he then had the tweet deleted. But perhaps it would be appropriate for him to stop his beast because that tweet is only unworthy of a representative of our institutions”.