Emilia Romagna, Bonaccini: “Now bureaucratic simplification, we need to do it well and quickly”

After the meeting with Prime Minister Meloni, the President of the Region took stock of the relief efforts in the areas affected by the flood: “I see a government that is committed and I really want to believe that it will implement what it says”

Speaking to Sky Tg24 Stefano Bonaccini, reached after the meeting with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, illustrated the requests he will make on Tuesday, when he will go together with the trade unions and business associations to Palazzo Chigi for an official meeting. “First of all” – declares Bonaccini – “we will ask for the postponement of practices, tax obligations, mortgages and to safeguard the social security situation of workers. Furthermore, it is necessary for the State to reimburse 100% of the damages to individuals and businesses and finally there is an urgent need for resources. At the moment, we need bureaucratic simplification, because we need to do it well and quickly”. The president also welcomed the wave of solidarity that has arrived from all over Italy. (EMILIA ROMAGNA FLOOD – ALL UPDATES).

“This is a real earthquake”

“We have to work together, Emilia Romagna needs it and Italy needs it. This is a real earthquake”, added Bonaccini speaking to journalists after the summit in the Prefecture in Ravenna with Meloni. “Now we have to remove the mud” – underlined Bonaccini – “because now the sun is our ally, but the mud risks creating cement”. After the 2012 earthquake, “we rebuilt everything, I hope, I want to hope, that the State and the Government will stand by our side because we don’t want to leave anyone alone, from first to last. We want to start again, we deserve this attention “.