Emilia Romagna flood, 100 million are on the way but many more will be needed

Waiting for the first measures for roads, schools and agriculture in Emilia-Romagna. A taste, because the damage could exceed five billion. The suspension of the payment of taxes is foreseen. For other aid, one looks to European funds and unused resources for landslides and flooding. Recourse to the National Recovery Plan is excluded

A hundred million. First aid in Emilia-Romagna could be worth it. An amount to cover emergencies: roads and schools to be restored and an advance for farmers and breeders, among the most affected by the flood. The damage is certainly far greater. It will still take time to quantify them precisely.

“Damage for 5-6 billion”

The Region estimates five or six billion needed for reconstruction. A substantial amount of money to restart industry and tourism as well, and which requires attention to those who keep the accounts of the state. The resources of the National Recovery Plan will not be used but it will be possible to resort to the European Solidarity Fund, which for the 2012 earthquake in Emilia-Romagna brought 600 million against 12 billion in damages. However, having resources from Brussels requires time and a precise picture of the situation.

The first interventions: stop taxes

Meanwhile, among the first measures on the table is the suspension of a series of tax deadlines, perhaps until December. In the most affected areas, taxes (from Irpef to VAT) and other taxes, such as Imu or car tax, will not be paid. The duration of this facilitation depends on how many are directly involved, we are talking about an area which – only considering Forlì, Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini – involves a substantial portion of the 4.5 million inhabitants of Emilia-Romagna, as well as thousands of businesses and workers in one of the engines of our economy.

The difficult search for funds

Even for the freezing of gas, electricity, water and waste bills, we have to wait for a list of Municipalities to support. With a precise picture we will then talk about compensation. The search for funds has started and among the hypotheses there is the use of those for hydrogeological risk conferred to the Regions and not used: about half of the three billion available.