Emilia-Romagna flood, government reconstruction decree: funds and what it provides

Two and a half billion euros in aid, the post of extraordinary commissioner assigned for one year to General Francesco Figliuolo, the control room made up of experts for the reconstruction in Emilia Romagna and 11 municipalities affected by the floods in May

Allocated two and a half billion euros for post-flood reconstruction in the three-year period 2023-25. Appointment of an extraordinary commissioner in office for one year, who will head a control room made up of experts and representatives of the State, plus 21 million euros available in the two-year period 2023-24 for any work in agreement with the public administrations, and the support of a support structure with 60 people at work. These are the main points in the 20 pages of the Reconstruction decree which concerns Emilia-Romagna and 11 municipalities between Tuscany and Marche affected by the floods in early May.

The control room headed by General Francesco Figliuolo

A decree from the President of the Republic will formalize the appointment of General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo as extraordinary commissioner for reconstruction until 30 June 2024. Article 3 of the decree provides for a “reconstruction coordination booth” which operates without new burdens for public finance. The members are not entitled to fees, attendance fees or refunds. Chaired by Figliuolo, the control room is made up of the head of the Casa Italia Department of the Prime Minister, the head of the Civil Protection Department, the presidents of the regions concerned and by the metropolitan mayors concerned, by a rrepresentative of the Provinces and Municipalities concerned. The decree also provides for the establishment of a “support structure” for the commissioner, with a maximum of sixty members. It will be made up “of public administration employees with the required skills in the field of reconstruction”.

The funds

The fund of two and a half billion euros allocated by the reconstruction decree, ready to merge as an amendment of the executive to the first flood decree currently in committee in the Chamber, is divided into two items: The allocation of one billion divided into 500 million for this year, 300 million for next year and 200 million for 2025. To this fund is added 1.5 billion euros coming from the “reassignment of resources flowing into the state budget and from expenditure reductions”.